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Mon. 20 March 10:00 (CET) OnDemand

High-Performance Materials That Can Be Used To Spread, Shield, And Isolate Heat

Mon. 20 March 12:00 (CET) OnDemand

The Multi-Functional Role Silicone Plays in Electric Vehicles: Thermally Conductive Dispensables, Solid Pads and Non-Conductive Foams

Kris Hanson, Account Manager, Polymer Science
John Biddle, VP Product Development, Polymer Science
  • Why is silicone desirable in EV applications
  • What are 2 part thermally conductive gap fillers
  • How are 2-part dispensable gap fillers used as multi-functional components within electric vehicles
  • Compare and contrast dispensable vs solid thermal gap fillers in electric vehicles
  • Non-conductive silicone foam applications within electric vehicles
Mon. 20 March 15:00 (CET) 09:00 (EST) OnDemand

Propagation Test Requirements For Repurposed EV Batteries

Rich Byczek,Global Technical Director, Transportation TechnologiesINTERTEK
When repurposing EV batteries for stationary applications, new application-specific requirements must be validated on the repurposed packs.
One such test is propagation (otherwise called cell-propagation, thermal runaway, or single-cell-design tolerance).
As these test methods generally require modifications to an existing cell or battery pack to implement the test, repurposed batteries add a new challenge, as they are already manufactured, so modifications for testing must be implemented at the test site.
This webinar discusses these additional challenges and potential solutions for effectively performing these tests as well as potential preparation efforts that can be implemented on new EV batteries in expectation of future certification test needs.
Mon 20 March 1100

Battery Thermal Management For Commercial Electric Vehicles

Ashley Marie Conley, Product Manager of Advanced Thermal Systems, Modine Manufacturing
  • Key Considerations for Thermal Management of Commercial Electric Vehicles – What You Need to Know about Controlling Thermals for the Battery Pack, Power Electronics and Passenger Comfort
  • Common Architectures for Battery Thermal Management Systems, Electronic Cooling Packages and Cabin HVAC for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Learn How to Identify the Thermal System You Need For Your Chassis Architecture
Tues. 21 March 10:00 (CET) OnDemand

Thermal Runaway Early Detection: Critical Sensors And Connections For Safe Battery Management

  • Robust Early Detection of Thermal Runaway” in Lithium-ion battery technology
  • The physics and chemistry of battery failure, the hazards of damaged battery systems, and the means of reliably detecting the moment a damaged battery cell vents
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS) and the need for efficient control and monitoring of an integrated battery system
Tues. 21 March 12:00 (CET) OnDemand

Battery Fire And Abuse Testing To Ensure Safety And Proper Performance

Tues. 21 March 15:00 (CET) 09:00 (EST) OnDemand

Stages Of Constructing The Optimal Battery Module Architectures Utilizing Innovative Adhesive And Sealant Solutions

Elizabeth Knazs, Business Development Manager-OEM/Electric Vehicle/battery HB FULLER 
In this session we will discuss the process of constructing a battery module and the use of innovative adhesive, sealant, and encapsulants for each stage of construction.
We will go step by step from bonding cells to carriers all to closing and sealing the battery module. Along with each stage of module construction, we will review the different adhesive technologies specifically designed for each function.
These next-generation innovative adhesives have an array of benefits including ease of manufacturability, reduction of weight, optimized thermal management, and improved safety.

Improving Automotive Battery PerformanceWith Thermal Interface Solutions

  • How to create lightweight, energy dense battery packs that offer resistance to overheating and compatibility with large-volume automated assembly systems.
  • Silicones to Polyurethanes: Leveraging material science to drive both electric and hybrid vehicle battery pack development.
  • How to extend the life of your battery, increase safety, or lower energy consumption of your batteries.
Weds. 22 March 10:00 (CET) OnDemand

Degradation Prediction In Li-ion Batteries For BEVs

Dr Vineet Dravid, Founder and CEOOORJI.ENERGY
  • Pack level degradation analysis
  • Predict capacity fade for real-life drive cycles
  • Hybrid approach (Physics + ML) for faster and more accurate prediction
  • Understand degradation at varying operating conditions
Weds. 22 March 12:00 (CET) OnDemand

Cells, Packs, Housing & Safety: Technologies For Bonding And Sealing In Next-Generation Vehicles

In the array modules – How to achieve heat management & mechanical performance improvements: Exploring high performing bonding solution that offer thermal-conductivity and electrical isolation for packing the battery cells inside the array modules
Battery Pack Housing Construction: Exemplifying new bonding solutions that overcome challenges in diverse applications; adhesion on plain metals, plastics, and composites – while offering answers to heat and glycol resistance 
Passive Fire Protection For E-Vehicle Battery Systems
Weds. 22 March 15:00 (CET) 09:00 (EST) OnDemand

Thermal Runaway and Propagation Testing Pitfalls

Rich Byczek, Global Technical Director, Transportation TechnologiesINTERTEK 
  • Propagation testing requires the intentional triggering of a single cell (or multiple cells) in a battery module or pack, to evaluate the ability of a specific battery design to reduce potential cell-to-cell propagation.
  • This webinar discussed some of the common certification test methods currently utilized and the various requirements and criteria.
Weds. 22 March 17:00 (CET) 11:00 (EST) OnDemand

How Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Enable Advanced Thermal Runaway Barrier Design

Max VanRaaphorst, Business Development Manager – E-Mobility and Automotive, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes, North America
Kyle Witham, Product Development Engineer, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes, North America
Fires caused by thermal runaway continue to be a significant issue in the evolution of EV battery packs. Now, as the EV marketplace approaches a tipping point, engineers are racing to address this challenge using various technologies. These include high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes used in combination with thermal materials that can assist in hindering thermal runaway propagation.
  • How the evolution of EV battery pack design presents challenges to engineers seeking thermal runaway prevention solutions
  • How and why PSA tapes are being incorporated into thermal runaway protection barriers in EV battery packs
  • How PSA tapes offer numerous advantages in EV battery pack design, including flame retardancy, ease of assembly, corrosion prevention, and end-of-life-recyclability
  • An overview of how to choose the right PSA tape for a specific application
Thurs. 23 March 10:00 (CET) OnDemand

Using Materials Science & Precision Converting To Solve The Thermal Runaway Problem

Thurs. 23 March 12:00 (CET) OnDemand

Advanced Thermal Barriers: How To Transform Your Thermal Runaway Mitigation Strategy

15:00 (CET) 09:00 (EST) OnDemand

Battery Technology Roadmap: Material Science Solutions for Battery Pack Applications

Frank Billotto, AMS Business Development Leader, DuPont
Tyler Auvil, Ph.D., R&D Technical Manager, DuPont
  • Battery technology for next-generation vehicles keeps evolving. A roadmap integrating energy density, functional and system needs with changing chemistries helps the supply chain make informed decisions on building a better battery.
  • In this informative webinar, DuPont experts will talk about their latest offerings in mechanical, thermal, and electrical solutions that help meet energy density, functional and system needs.
  • We’ll give you examples of material science applications that can help with your toughest challenges including fast charging, safety/fire protection, sustainability, thermal and electrical conductivity along with information about our in-house formulation, testing and design capabilities.
Thurs. 23 March 17:00 (CET) 11:00 (EST) OnDemand

Lightweight Battery Potting & Encapsulation Compounds For Thermal Management

John Albaugh, Market Development Manager, EV, Elkem Silicones
Chris Helt, Technical Service and Applications Lead, Industrial Assembly and Molding, Elkem Silicones
Stephen Amos, Senior Specialist Product Development, 3M Glass Bubbles
  • Why potting & encapsulation compounds are important for battery packs and different types of these compounds
  • Role of lightweight components for EV battery packs
  • Differences between syntactic and gas-foamed potting & encapsulation compounds
  • Overview of 3M™ Glass Bubbles & role in lightweighting battery components
Fri. 24 March 09:00 (CET) OnDemand

How Do You Protect Cells From Excess Heat Generated During The Fast Charge And Discharge Cycles Required For High Performance Day-to-Day Operations? And What Do You Do With All That Thermal Energy If Something Goes Wrong?

Fri. 24 March 12:00 (CET) OnDemand

Overcoming Challenges In The Validation Of Battery Management Systems

Battery management systems (BMS) are essential to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operation and the long-term vitality of the battery over hundreds of charging cycles.
How to overcome testing challenges and to increase the quality and maturity of integrated battery systems.
15:00 (CET) 09:00 (EST) OnDemand

Boosting Performance of Battery Thermal Management Solutions

Dominik Daub, Engineer Application Engineering, 3M
Samuel Joly, Application Engineer, 3M
  • Applications for thermal management solutions in EV battery packs
  • Introduction to thermally conductive polymers
  • Different types of thermally conductive fillers and impact on material characteristics
  • How you can be successful with 3M™ Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers
Fri. 24 March 17:00 (CET) 11:00 (EST) OnDemand

Stages Of Constructing The Optimal Battery Module Architectures Utilizing Innovative Adhesive And Sealant Solutions

| Featured BEV TechTalks 2023:


Smart Weighing For Battery Manufacturing

Andy Kletrovets, Strategic Program Manager, METTLER TOLEDO
Mitch Holdren, Business Development Manager, METTLER TOLEDO
Speaker Bio | Company Profile
  • Overview of the battery manufacturing process
  • Where automated weighing applications exist
  • How weighing adds value in these applications
  • How proper lifecycle management reduces risk
  • Real application & success stories

Degradation Prediction In Li-ion Batteries For BEVs

Dr Vineet Dravid, Founder and CEO, oorja.energy
Speaker Bio | Company Profile
  • Pack level degradation analysis
  • Predict capacity fade for real-life drive cycles
  • Hybrid approach (Physics + ML) for faster and more accurate prediction
  • Understand degradation at varying operating conditions

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